Wednesday, October 9, 2013

'Black Ghosts' Infiltrators - Imperial Guard Kasrkin

(As always, click it for a bigger picture.)

Okay, so my initial enthusiasm for my "let's paint all of my unpainted miniatures" wore off pretty quickly, but I'm managing to do a figure or two. I've now got three complete "Infiltrators", which are one of my army's versions of the Cadian Kasrkin, which are basically Imperial Guard Stormtroopers.

I made an adjustment to Ghost Prime, their squad leader (the middle figure), by adding a touch more grey to her helmet and shoulder pads, and keeping her gun shiny, so she's more visible beside other Infiltrators, when glancing at the tabletop. The other squad members have black helmets and shoulder pads, and remain grungy looking without any shine.

Basically, I painted them all in grey, the guns in metal, the backpacks in grey and antennae in metal, then washed it all in black. Then painted the shoulder pads and helmet in black, and the shirt and pants beneath armour in black, and the bottom front half of their boots in black. I didn't highlight, I left the grungy-ness of the wash over everything. Then I painted the bright orange bits which I think stand out really nicely among all the black and blackened-grey. I added just a touch of bright blue to the plasma gun.


  1. I really like the plasma blue effect, really like it!
    Have you thought of putting some really small black marking on the squad leader's shoulderpads? Even just a diagonal black line/lines or lightning bolt or something. It would hardly be visible in terms of brightness but still help distinguish from the rest.
    Great work!

    1. Thanks! I'll give it a go :) I've tried three different things so far, to try and set the leader apart, such as adding a touch of colour, but it looked so out of place among all the black and grey.

  2. Fantastic work! Really great work, keep it up!