Tuesday, December 25, 2012

3D Dungeon Tiles kickstarter !!!

A guy on Kickstarter is going to build custom-painted 3D dungeon tiles! You can say how many you want, and whether you want unpainted ones to paint up yourself, or whether you will pay to have him pro-paint them up for you in a scheme of your choice!

I thought it was so awesome, I want to help spread the word, as he's only doing them for people that make pledges for the kickstarter, I think.

If I join in the pledging, I'm going to ask for one painted up in a sort of moldy old stone like something out of an ancient ruined temple in a Tomb Raider game (or something like that) so it could be used as ancient ruins for Star Wars jedi / sith skirmishes, or perhaps an abandoned ancient dwarven city full of goblins and lost dwarven treasures for some Lord of the Rings skirmishes, or who knows what else! Could even use it as a ruined alien temple for some space hulk sort of thing!

It's also designed to work for a 3D board, for the miniatures dungeon crawl game Super Dungeon Explore which is a japanese anime / console arcade game inspired board game - makes me think of Legend of Zelda or Pokemon or something :)

He's got photos of a prototype board, painted up in a fiery dungeon theme, and I think his stuff looks pretty awesome :)

Here's a link to his kickstarter page:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Imperial Guardsman August 2012

Hi guys! It's been quite a break since I did much miniature painting, especially since I did any 40k stuff, and I'm back in a mini making mood at the moment.

I'm trying to spice up my hobby a bit by working on a figure at a time, alternating between the different games I play (40k, Lord of the Rings, Battletech, Doctor Who, etc), so I don't feel bogged down by painting the same thing over and over again.

I'm spending a fair bit more time on each figure now too, instead of batch painting big groups of figures. Anyway, I hadn't tried out the new range of Games Workshop miniatures paints on any 40k figures yet, so I tried out the new colour range with an Imperial Guardsman.

When working on some LOTR figures, and learning to paint better, I got some better brushes too, so I was able to have more detail on the model than my previous 40k models had :)

(though it's still the basic Green and Gold paint scheme, now there's highlighting, etc.)

Monday, March 19, 2012

News Flash!

Hi guys, just another non-related post. I've got yet another genre of miniatures gaming going, so yes, this means yet another blog! But wait - this one has... Dinosaurs!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scenery Blog

Hi guys! I've got a different blog for each game I play, to keep things organised, but I realised that everytime I do new scenery, that is used by each game, I have to make lots of posts in different blogs, to show it used by different games. I decided that all my scenery making, collecting, painting, etc, will have its own space, on my new Miniatures Scenery Blog. My miniatures blogs will focus on those specific games, and collecting/painting those figures, and battle reports, etc. The scenery blog will focus on the craft and collecting of scenery pieces that can be used by any of the games.

Tsmpaul's Miniatures Scenery Blog: