Saturday, April 30, 2011

more plaster/plastic scenery

Made a few more things using some of the space hulk hirst arts plaster stuff, and some plastic imperial guard bits. Haven't painted them yet though :) The first one's sort of tall and thin, the second is another blockish techy building. They work fine by themselves, or can sit up against other things to make a larger structure.

front view
 back view

 front view
back view
 sitting structures together to make a bigger one
 and some of my other industrial stuff to make a bigger complex

Just playing around with scenery

I've been a bit inactive with my miniaturing, and I realised that it had been a while since I set stuff up on my table and played around with it, so I pulled out my grass mat, and littered scenery all over it :)

I've got some Games Workshop craters now (though yet to be painted), and tried out placing small model train trees on their sides along the edges of the craters, like they'd been blasted or something. Also have a click-together ramps/platforms plastic kit where the parts can be rearranged to make different shapes - so I pulled a bunch of pieces apart, and littered them on another crater, so it looks like a blown up building :)

I'm going to see if I've got enough spare plaster parts to make another of those squarish techy plaster buildings today as well, and I might paint up some more of those 40k armoured barriers with gun slots in them (can't remember what they're called).

Anyway, some photos of some scenery tossed about the table :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Obstacle Terrain using Hirst Arts part 2 (painted)

I painted it up metal and washed black, to go with my other industrial/techy scenery objects :)
(the techy square building, centre-left, is the plaster hirst-arts construction)

foam carry cases for my figures

My brother got some foam sheets, and gave me one, and it's fantastic! Normally I just throw my guys, spread out, in a box-lid, and sit them on my lap in the car, trying to make sure the metal figures don't hit each other and scratch the paint off. Making use of one of the cardboard boxes my miniatures were mailed to me in, I've put a layer of foam on the bottom, then made another layer with holes cut out to the size of my figures.
This box now carries my kasrkin stormtrooper figures, and an armoured sentinel. If I get more stormtroopers (you can have up to 10 in a squad) I can expand my two squads by cutting more holes to add additional figures :)

Obstacle Terrain using Hirst Arts

I've started making some small building/structures using spare plaster casted tiles and pieces from my space hulk project. This is the first one, unpainted. I glued a couple imperial guard plastic odds and ends onto it too, like antennae on the roof. The walls are 1.5" space hulk floor tiles, and the roof is industrial edging pieces. It was easy to glue together, and should look like some nice obstacle terrain with a quick metal coat and black wash!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wide Space Hulk: Mission One

I'm starting to convert 40k codex forces into mission point values and enemy generation charts, for my own home rules version of the Space Hulk board game. It's basically played as 40k rules, but figures don't have to remain within 2" of each other like normal, and can split up. Squad based special rules still apply, but only to figures belonging to that squad, wherever they are on the board.

So, here's Space Hulk Mission One, transformed into 40k rules, and based on double-width 3D hallways. People could play this themselves even if they don't make a 3D hirst arts map, by making printed cardboard map tiles the shape of the map segments I'm using, as long as the floor-squares are 1.5" wide.

Movement is like normal 40k rules, but on a per figure basis. So a figure might move 6 inches in any direction rather than following the square grid of the board. The wide board also allows bigger units, such as the wide wings of gargoyles for example, to move about the map and be played with.

Instead of Blips 1, 2 and 3 representing 1, 2 or 3 Genestealers, there is now an encounter table to roll 1d6 against, to see what happens when the blip is revealed!

I also added a 'recommended' forces suggestion for Imperial Guards or Space Wolves forces, since those are the human armies my brother and I are collecting. They're just suggestions though. Anything formed according to the appropriate codexes point costs can be used.

Anyway, I downloaded the mission template sheet from the games workshop webpage, and generated this home-rules variant of the Suicide Mission One. Just click the image for full size.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tyranid custom gargoyles: 'Furies'

Named after the mythical flying creatures known as Furies ('angry ones'), these are my Gargoyle variations. Basically, I didn't like the idea of it having a pair of arms holding a 'living' gun in its claws. Weapons on Tyranids look a bit out of place to me - I like them having claws and stingers, and I decided for my Gargoyles that the 'fleshborer' weapon would be a kind of deadly spitting attack that shoots out at victims from the monster's mouth. So, I'm not gluing the arms on, and I quite like how the flying creature looks with its wide wings, curling stinger, and pterodactyl like claws.

Anyway, here's my prototype, in my 'mithril washed with blue/purple/red' Tyranid colour scheme. (sorry the photos were a little bit blurry today) They fit great in the two-square-wide corridors.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

rooms, passageways and plasma pistols

I've been doing some more work on the 3D map. I had enough white glue and super glue to do the floors and most of the work on the walls, but have now ran out. So, it will be one or two weeks before I get more glue, and then I can finish it and start work on some more rooms and corridors. I think I'll bulk up on glue so I won't keep having delays when working on stuff :)

I also got some plasma guns off my brother who had some spares. I'm wanting my guardsman sergeants to have plasma pistols (which don't come in the Cadian guards squad boxes). I'd already assembled one sergeant, so I cut off the barrel of his laspistol and glued on the end of a plasma pistol for a quick conversion. Haven't painted it up yet...

I haven't linked to my brother's blog recently on my minis blogs, so here's another link: All sorts of cool stuff, including a Realm of Battle board, a lord of the rings dwarven army, a Balrog, and some space wolves.

3D map pieces: two passageway sections, and an under-construction room chamber.

Sergeant with plasma pistol conversion:

Man vs Wild

Such a terrible TV show, but I liked the title :) Just wanted to put a man up against a Tyranid side-on for physical comparison. Those little 6 point Tyranid troops are a lot bigger than I thought! Claws longer than the soldier's legs - and they can swarm in groups of up to 30!

Sentinels with Chainsaws

Doing a bit of research, I've found that in the current ruleset, there are actually no rules for the chainsaw that comes with the Sentinel box. It's for looks. Sentinels as walkers have stats for conducting melee combat and assaulting, like infantry can. Attaching the chainsaw doesn't affect their stats in any way though, and is just for looks. Ages ago, apparantly, it was introduced for the Catachan jungle fighters, and there were some rules about increasing weapon skill by 1, or adding an extra attack in melee, but that didn't come through to the latest rule set.

Anyway, I've seen people stick them on just because they like the look, and I thought I'd blutack one onto my sentinel to see if it would look more mech-like with two 'arms' - one a gun, one a chainsaw. I haven't painted the chainsaw, just stuck it there to see what it looks like.

If anyone has any opinions on the look of 'two-armed' war machine vs the normal 'one-armed' look, any comments are welcome, as I am undecided about whether I will stick chainsaws on any of my figures or not, since they don't affect gameplay in any way and are just for looks.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Austral Remnants: Sergeants

I still haven't done up the base of the guy on the left yet, but anyway, here's the three sergeants for the three infantry types in my army: (left to right) Deep Striking Storm Trooper Sergeant (dark red and gold), Infiltrating Storm Trooper Sergeant (black and dark grey), Guardsmen Sergeant (army green and gold).

Austral Remnant Profiles: Ghost Prime

I managed to get two figures done in one day :) This one was a bit easier to paint - it's black and grey, with metal antennae and gun, and some black wash, and some glowy orange bits. I was lucky, in that when painting the top orange dot on the gun, the gun was still a bit wet, and the orange bled out onto the gun. I wiped it off with a wet brush, but it left the part of the gun near the glowy orange bits slightly tinted, so it looks a little like it's glowing from the orange lights :)

The 'Hammerheads' Deep Strikers weren't the only company from the 17th Austral Guards Storm Trooper Regiment to be assigned to the fighting at San Leor. Joining them in battle was the 'Black Ghosts' Infiltrator Company, led by an elite female sergeant named Anya Ivanov, known to her soldiers as...


Covered in dark armour, swirling cloak and a thick visored helmet, enemies would never suspect that beneath the thick-plated uniform lay a lithe and ferocious red-headed woman.

Any new recruits to the Black Ghosts are only admitted after sparring with Sergeant Ivanov - and each time they are soundly defeated. Proving that she is as tough as, or tougher than, her would-be Ghosts inspires them to go wherever she may lead and follow her orders without question.

Now that the Austral Liberation Crusade is in motion, squads from the Black Ghosts Company have joined the Austral Remnants. Sneaking through space stations or shattered colonies, the Black Ghosts search out Tyranid positions and located survivors while the 2nd Austral Guards and other Imperial Guard and Space Marine regiments prepare for action.

While conducting infiltrations of enemy controlled zones, Sergeant Ivanov searches for one survivor in particular - for her daughter was also a Special Forces soldier and was stationed in the Austral System at the time of the invasion. Sergeant Ivanov battles on in the belief that if anyone could have survived the Tyranid onslaught, it would be her daughter. However, her daughter's Company was last stationed on Austral Prime - the conquered Australan homeworld; a world now teeming with alien life.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Austral Remnant Profiles: Hammerhead-One

They ate his pets.
They killed his family.
They annihilated his world.
Now it's time for payback!

Sergeant Alexei Siegel stars as...


The 17th Austral Guards were an elite Storm Trooper regiment. Each company was trained in specific tactics and arts of war, outfitted with the best gear in the Austral Armies. While standard troops are deployed full strength to combat zones, companies of Storm Troopers are deployed independently to different battlefields, wherever their specific talents are required, to be used by battlefield commanders as they see fit.

The Hammerheads specialise in high altitude insertion, riding down on grav chutes to land in the heart of battle, leaping suddenly into action with lethal force.

When the 2nd Austral Guards were sent to fight the Orks in San Leor, the "Hammerheads" Deep Strike Troopers and the "Black Ghosts" Infiltrator Troopers were sent along for the ride. They took part in some of the toughest battles in that conflict.

Now the Hammerheads have returned to the Austral System as part of the Austral Remnants. The surviving squads of the Hammerheads Deep Strike Troopers are led by Sergeant Alexei Siegel, call sign: Hammerhead-One.

Siegel has fought in hot spots throughout the Imperium, and it was only one and a half years more before he could elect to muster out and retire back to his homestead on Austral. No more would he visit his family in short shoreleaves. He would be home to stay.

But now that can never happen. The Tyranids have destroyed everything he was fighting for. He has one thing left on his mind - the one thing he shares in common with every soldier in the Remnant...


A Hammerheads squad counts as a Storm Trooper squad with the Airborne Assault strategic operation. Sergeant Alexei Siegel counts as a Storm Trooper Sergeant, with Power Sword and Hot-Shot Laspistol.