Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aegis Cannon turret

Assembled base
 the bit the gun attaches to
 sitting on the base - but not glued to it, so it can rotate if desired
two twin-linked autocannons
 attach the barrels on end of guns
 attach the autocannon ammo feeds
 attach the targeting / tracking system camera thing
I left off the other 40k bits (skulls with camera eyes, etc) because I like my stuff having a generic feel to them rather than being overly 40k flavoured, so I can use it with any game without it crying 'I am a 40k scenery piece'.

The gun would work well in Star Wars, blasting away at AT-ST's and AT-AT's, or as an orbital cannon for Battletech, threatening to shoot down approaching Dropships, or anything at all. Of course, it also makes an awesome 40k double twin-linked autocannon turret :)

An here's the finished model! Mithril Silver, washed with Badab Black, and given a few touches of a bright red here and there.

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  1. Looks great! Neat that you can use it with different game systems too.