Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aegis Cannon turret

Assembled base
 the bit the gun attaches to
 sitting on the base - but not glued to it, so it can rotate if desired
two twin-linked autocannons
 attach the barrels on end of guns
 attach the autocannon ammo feeds
 attach the targeting / tracking system camera thing
I left off the other 40k bits (skulls with camera eyes, etc) because I like my stuff having a generic feel to them rather than being overly 40k flavoured, so I can use it with any game without it crying 'I am a 40k scenery piece'.

The gun would work well in Star Wars, blasting away at AT-ST's and AT-AT's, or as an orbital cannon for Battletech, threatening to shoot down approaching Dropships, or anything at all. Of course, it also makes an awesome 40k double twin-linked autocannon turret :)

An here's the finished model! Mithril Silver, washed with Badab Black, and given a few touches of a bright red here and there.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

expanding my plaster and resin scenery

Made some more plaster industrial sections to expand my industrial sci-fi collection.
Here's the collection so far, forming two industrial facitilities, with a Sentinel and two imperial guard guys.

And here they are spread out to show the individual pieces with battlemech figures.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finished Lake

I remembered that the citadel plastic glue sets shiny and clear, so I covered the blue with glue. The texture of the template piece makes it kind of ripply looking, and sparkles sometimes in the light. It also gives a kind of shadowy ripply looking reflection which, while not smooth and clear, isn't too bad I think.

Reflective Lake

I had an idea. Since I have no gloss paints or anything, to simply squeeze a tube of plastic glue over the top of the blue paint. It always seems to look shiny when it has set, so I thought it might come up as a hard reflective coat on top of the water. Anyway, here's what it looks like when the glue is wet. I'll have to wait for it to dry now and see what happens! Hopefully it will still have a 'wet' look about it when it has dried out.

Lake Terrain

I use Battlefield in a Box woods as trees for mini games, but I don't use the flat template pieces that the trees are supposed to sit on top of, so I thought, why not turn one into a lake? I flocked patches of it with static grass, then painted Mordian Blue blobs, and dabbed my brush heavy with water to spread it around. Then while still wet, I thickly did Ultramarines Blue around the shallow areas. Finally, I brushed some Desert Yellow where the grass meets the water for a sort of shoreline look. I haven't tried painting water terrain before, so I'm happy with how it turned out. I might get some gloss coat or something and give the blue reflective shininess once it is all dry.

With a Battletech mech on it, it's a lake.

And with a guardsman and sentinel, it's more a large pond in 40k scale, but a nice size :)