Saturday, July 2, 2011

some photos from latest battle

Played a battle with my brother the other day. We both tried out some new tactics. He deployed his Drop Pod for the first time - it looks awesome!

Also, I tried out a flanking maneuver with some of my scouts and infiltrators. Basically, every turn you roll to see if your people arrive, and then you roll to see if they arrive on the left of the board, the right, or your own choice. I lucked out and got my guys in on the second turn (I think) and rolled so I could choose for both my squads location, and was able to bring them in behind two of his squads!

Both of his squads were rather decimated by the attack - but he engaged one of the flanking squads in melee, and his Space Wolves are really good in melee and wiped the squad out.

In the end, the game was a close draw, but lots of fun had by all :)

Anyway, I only took two photos, just wanting to see my stormtroopers on my brothers scenic wasteland Realm of Battle board, and a shot showing his drop pod!