Wednesday, May 4, 2011

painted crater and more work on cold wasteland boards

I painted my first crater. Here's what I did:
brush all the raised surfaces with codex grey, leaving the raw dark plastic in the recesses.
Wash the whole thing in devlin mud
wash bits of middle in chaos black and some recessed bits of crater rim
drybrush exterior and around rim with codex grey
drybrush interior and around rim with scorched brown
drybrush the interior with chaos black, and some recessed bits of crater rim
drybrush around rim with kommando khaki

and I also got a spray-misting water bottle, and put codex grey and lots of water into it. Then tried spraying onto the boards. It sort of splattered out in splotches rather than misting like a spray can, but the result is a speckledy grey look across the bumpy white surface, and I think it really helps bring out the texture of the gravel on the white boards, and add some shadowy tones to it. The boards look a little shiny too, as it's still drying.

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