Tuesday, May 3, 2011

crystals, tyranids and cold wasteland boards

Okay, a few things today. I finished painting the base for my crystal scenery prototype object. I like how it turned out, and at some stage, I'll make a bunch that can be scattered around the board for some crystally alien planet! The crystals are pieces of '40k counters and templates' sprues cut up in varying lengths, then stuck into green stuff, with some small rocks from around the yard also pressed into the greenstuff. The base was then painted codex grey, washed devlin mud, then brushed codex grey. I think it'll look cool having clumps of crystals dotted around the board. Kind of a Command and Conquer: Tiberium feel :)

Next, I added some more blue wash to parts of my tyranid 'furie' prototype - a gargoyle without it's gun cradling arms. I used the blue wash to darken the arm/claw bits that frame the wings, so that the wing details stand out more.

and lastly after a disaster with my 'sugar/glue' constructed snow boards (which melted) I have started making a cold wasteland board. Basically, it is hard white foamboard with a small white gravelly stuff glued onto it to texture it. I only had enough to do two foamboard sheets, so I have to buy more white gravel to do my other two sheets, then I'll have a table size map. The idea is that I then paint areas in patchy grey, with some devlin mud wash. All my scenery and figure bases (craters, etc) are painted codex grey then washed with devlin mud, then drybrushed a little with some more codex grey, so the patchy areas on the boards should help blend everything together. I'm hoping it will look sort of snowy-rocky, and maybe some green grassy patches thrown on in small areas as well, not sure. Anyway, here's step one on two boards:

And even more lastly, I've started working on painting up the craters, so once I've got one finished, I'll post what I did with some photos :)

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  1. Wow, what a day!
    Lots of good stuff there, can't wait to play with all that new terrain.
    Love those tyranids too, can't wait to get my boltguns on them =)