Monday, May 2, 2011

715 point Imperial Guard army photos

I haven't finished painting them, but I've now got 715 points worth of Imperial Guard figures! I've been a bit slow lately, but my brother helped me out and glued a squad of veterans together for me so I can now field the required 2 Troop 1 HQ.

Now I've just got to paint these guys up :)

In the middle are two 10-man veteran Troop squads. At the front is Company Command HQ. On the left is a stealthy Elite storm trooper infiltrator squad, and on the right are some Elite storm trooper drop or scout troops.

At the rear is a Fast Attack assault Sentinel. I've got three more Sentinels, but I haven't assembled them yet. And a Valkyrie, which also is not yet assembled.

(As always, click on a photo for bigger image.)

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