Monday, May 16, 2011

My first Tyrannid Terrain!

I play Battletech and variants, games of giant mecha combat, and I make use of the plastic stackable hexagons of a board game called Heroscape to make hills and terrain for Battletech games. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I got a version of Heroscape called Swarm of the Marro to find a giant tyrannid looking scenery piece :) I think a swampy map with a half dozen of these would make a great infested planet! Very similar in appearance to some of the Tyrannid scenery you could buy from Forge World.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

more cold weather board photos

It does look a bit splotchy in these photos, but in real life, the eye sees a whole lot of detail to the board that doesn't really show in these photos, and that rough texturing makes it so the dark patches and grass don't look so stark as they do in these photos, so I've included a close-up of the board surface, to try and show what I mean.

Cold Weather Boards 1 and 2

I've completed the first two Cold Weather boards.

After the previous steps, the grey speckles just weren't dark enough for me, so I brushed areas with devlin mud, hoping to give it a kind of bare earth colour. It came up a lot darker and solider looking than I had hoped, so I drybrushed codex grey over those areas, as my craters and figure bases are codex/mud/dry brush codex.

The idea was to help blend the darker terrain objects into the board by adding dark patches to the board. I tried putting terrain on it when it was all white, and the brightness of the white made it so everything on it looked too dark and without detail. With the splotches of mud/grey and grass, the scenery doesn't look so stark on the board now.

Anyway, I also glued down patches of grass as well. Overall, it looks a bit rough when empty, but I think it's all right once terrain is put on it.

Once I get more glue and more of the white rocky stuff, I'll make two more boards, and then I'll have a whole table. Sorry the photos were so dark, I didn't take them in my usual spot. Better photos will likely come.

painted crater and more work on cold wasteland boards

I painted my first crater. Here's what I did:
brush all the raised surfaces with codex grey, leaving the raw dark plastic in the recesses.
Wash the whole thing in devlin mud
wash bits of middle in chaos black and some recessed bits of crater rim
drybrush exterior and around rim with codex grey
drybrush interior and around rim with scorched brown
drybrush the interior with chaos black, and some recessed bits of crater rim
drybrush around rim with kommando khaki

and I also got a spray-misting water bottle, and put codex grey and lots of water into it. Then tried spraying onto the boards. It sort of splattered out in splotches rather than misting like a spray can, but the result is a speckledy grey look across the bumpy white surface, and I think it really helps bring out the texture of the gravel on the white boards, and add some shadowy tones to it. The boards look a little shiny too, as it's still drying.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

crystals, tyranids and cold wasteland boards

Okay, a few things today. I finished painting the base for my crystal scenery prototype object. I like how it turned out, and at some stage, I'll make a bunch that can be scattered around the board for some crystally alien planet! The crystals are pieces of '40k counters and templates' sprues cut up in varying lengths, then stuck into green stuff, with some small rocks from around the yard also pressed into the greenstuff. The base was then painted codex grey, washed devlin mud, then brushed codex grey. I think it'll look cool having clumps of crystals dotted around the board. Kind of a Command and Conquer: Tiberium feel :)

Next, I added some more blue wash to parts of my tyranid 'furie' prototype - a gargoyle without it's gun cradling arms. I used the blue wash to darken the arm/claw bits that frame the wings, so that the wing details stand out more.

and lastly after a disaster with my 'sugar/glue' constructed snow boards (which melted) I have started making a cold wasteland board. Basically, it is hard white foamboard with a small white gravelly stuff glued onto it to texture it. I only had enough to do two foamboard sheets, so I have to buy more white gravel to do my other two sheets, then I'll have a table size map. The idea is that I then paint areas in patchy grey, with some devlin mud wash. All my scenery and figure bases (craters, etc) are painted codex grey then washed with devlin mud, then drybrushed a little with some more codex grey, so the patchy areas on the boards should help blend everything together. I'm hoping it will look sort of snowy-rocky, and maybe some green grassy patches thrown on in small areas as well, not sure. Anyway, here's step one on two boards:

And even more lastly, I've started working on painting up the craters, so once I've got one finished, I'll post what I did with some photos :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

715 point Imperial Guard army photos

I haven't finished painting them, but I've now got 715 points worth of Imperial Guard figures! I've been a bit slow lately, but my brother helped me out and glued a squad of veterans together for me so I can now field the required 2 Troop 1 HQ.

Now I've just got to paint these guys up :)

In the middle are two 10-man veteran Troop squads. At the front is Company Command HQ. On the left is a stealthy Elite storm trooper infiltrator squad, and on the right are some Elite storm trooper drop or scout troops.

At the rear is a Fast Attack assault Sentinel. I've got three more Sentinels, but I haven't assembled them yet. And a Valkyrie, which also is not yet assembled.

(As always, click on a photo for bigger image.)

More plaster scenery and green crystal scenery

I had an idea, which is still a work in progress. The 40k templates and counters come in a glowy green plastic, and so I'm cutting up lengths of the sprues to make green crystals :) I'd love to make about half a dozen of these to scatter around the map for an alien world. Makes me think of the crystals in Command and Conquer :) Here's a work in progress shot:

And finishing off the other two plaster building pieces

The antennae on each building comes from imperial guard bits. The two tall thin ones are from sentinels, and the Y shaped one is the upside-down tripod bit that one of the heavy weapon teams uses. I bought a packet of other people's left over bits, and am enjoying gluing random stuff onto things :)