Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wide Space Hulk: Mission One

I'm starting to convert 40k codex forces into mission point values and enemy generation charts, for my own home rules version of the Space Hulk board game. It's basically played as 40k rules, but figures don't have to remain within 2" of each other like normal, and can split up. Squad based special rules still apply, but only to figures belonging to that squad, wherever they are on the board.

So, here's Space Hulk Mission One, transformed into 40k rules, and based on double-width 3D hallways. People could play this themselves even if they don't make a 3D hirst arts map, by making printed cardboard map tiles the shape of the map segments I'm using, as long as the floor-squares are 1.5" wide.

Movement is like normal 40k rules, but on a per figure basis. So a figure might move 6 inches in any direction rather than following the square grid of the board. The wide board also allows bigger units, such as the wide wings of gargoyles for example, to move about the map and be played with.

Instead of Blips 1, 2 and 3 representing 1, 2 or 3 Genestealers, there is now an encounter table to roll 1d6 against, to see what happens when the blip is revealed!

I also added a 'recommended' forces suggestion for Imperial Guards or Space Wolves forces, since those are the human armies my brother and I are collecting. They're just suggestions though. Anything formed according to the appropriate codexes point costs can be used.

Anyway, I downloaded the mission template sheet from the games workshop webpage, and generated this home-rules variant of the Suicide Mission One. Just click the image for full size.


  1. What if you don't have a flamer?
    Is there a pool of guys that the tyranids come from?
    Otherwise couldn't you get one game where all you ever get is false alarms, or one where all you ever get is the maximum numbers?
    Makes me want to finish my termie squad so we can play!

  2. I think if you don't have a flamer any heavy weapon should be fine to use, as long as it fits in the scenario point count. The idea of the original scenario was that if the person who could blow up the control room was killed, it was game over for the space marines.

    There's a different amount of each type of blip counter, (1's, 2' and 3's) and they're shuffled together. There's no pool of enemies to use up though. In space hulk, there is no idea of whether it will end up being easy or devastatingly deadly. There's nine 1's, four 2's, and nine 3's.

    I'm rethinking the false signal on a 5 or 6 though, because I just realised that's a 1 in 3 chance of nothing appearing... Instead, I think it would just be that if you don't have enough figures to put out, after rolling on a Blip table (because they're already in play) then it is a false signal. I'm not sure yet...