Sunday, April 3, 2011

rooms, passageways and plasma pistols

I've been doing some more work on the 3D map. I had enough white glue and super glue to do the floors and most of the work on the walls, but have now ran out. So, it will be one or two weeks before I get more glue, and then I can finish it and start work on some more rooms and corridors. I think I'll bulk up on glue so I won't keep having delays when working on stuff :)

I also got some plasma guns off my brother who had some spares. I'm wanting my guardsman sergeants to have plasma pistols (which don't come in the Cadian guards squad boxes). I'd already assembled one sergeant, so I cut off the barrel of his laspistol and glued on the end of a plasma pistol for a quick conversion. Haven't painted it up yet...

I haven't linked to my brother's blog recently on my minis blogs, so here's another link: All sorts of cool stuff, including a Realm of Battle board, a lord of the rings dwarven army, a Balrog, and some space wolves.

3D map pieces: two passageway sections, and an under-construction room chamber.

Sergeant with plasma pistol conversion:

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