Friday, April 1, 2011

Austral Remnant Profiles: Hammerhead-One

They ate his pets.
They killed his family.
They annihilated his world.
Now it's time for payback!

Sergeant Alexei Siegel stars as...


The 17th Austral Guards were an elite Storm Trooper regiment. Each company was trained in specific tactics and arts of war, outfitted with the best gear in the Austral Armies. While standard troops are deployed full strength to combat zones, companies of Storm Troopers are deployed independently to different battlefields, wherever their specific talents are required, to be used by battlefield commanders as they see fit.

The Hammerheads specialise in high altitude insertion, riding down on grav chutes to land in the heart of battle, leaping suddenly into action with lethal force.

When the 2nd Austral Guards were sent to fight the Orks in San Leor, the "Hammerheads" Deep Strike Troopers and the "Black Ghosts" Infiltrator Troopers were sent along for the ride. They took part in some of the toughest battles in that conflict.

Now the Hammerheads have returned to the Austral System as part of the Austral Remnants. The surviving squads of the Hammerheads Deep Strike Troopers are led by Sergeant Alexei Siegel, call sign: Hammerhead-One.

Siegel has fought in hot spots throughout the Imperium, and it was only one and a half years more before he could elect to muster out and retire back to his homestead on Austral. No more would he visit his family in short shoreleaves. He would be home to stay.

But now that can never happen. The Tyranids have destroyed everything he was fighting for. He has one thing left on his mind - the one thing he shares in common with every soldier in the Remnant...


A Hammerheads squad counts as a Storm Trooper squad with the Airborne Assault strategic operation. Sergeant Alexei Siegel counts as a Storm Trooper Sergeant, with Power Sword and Hot-Shot Laspistol.


  1. "They kept reserving his favorite DVD at the rental store just to stop him watching it...
    This time it's personal!"
    Wow, I'm lagging behind! Spending all day so far trying to get a baby to sleep, will try to glue at least one guy together!
    Keep 'em coming!

  2. um and just what was the name of that DVD anyway?? Great job of painting, and good story too.