Saturday, April 2, 2011

Austral Remnant Profiles: Ghost Prime

I managed to get two figures done in one day :) This one was a bit easier to paint - it's black and grey, with metal antennae and gun, and some black wash, and some glowy orange bits. I was lucky, in that when painting the top orange dot on the gun, the gun was still a bit wet, and the orange bled out onto the gun. I wiped it off with a wet brush, but it left the part of the gun near the glowy orange bits slightly tinted, so it looks a little like it's glowing from the orange lights :)

The 'Hammerheads' Deep Strikers weren't the only company from the 17th Austral Guards Storm Trooper Regiment to be assigned to the fighting at San Leor. Joining them in battle was the 'Black Ghosts' Infiltrator Company, led by an elite female sergeant named Anya Ivanov, known to her soldiers as...


Covered in dark armour, swirling cloak and a thick visored helmet, enemies would never suspect that beneath the thick-plated uniform lay a lithe and ferocious red-headed woman.

Any new recruits to the Black Ghosts are only admitted after sparring with Sergeant Ivanov - and each time they are soundly defeated. Proving that she is as tough as, or tougher than, her would-be Ghosts inspires them to go wherever she may lead and follow her orders without question.

Now that the Austral Liberation Crusade is in motion, squads from the Black Ghosts Company have joined the Austral Remnants. Sneaking through space stations or shattered colonies, the Black Ghosts search out Tyranid positions and located survivors while the 2nd Austral Guards and other Imperial Guard and Space Marine regiments prepare for action.

While conducting infiltrations of enemy controlled zones, Sergeant Ivanov searches for one survivor in particular - for her daughter was also a Special Forces soldier and was stationed in the Austral System at the time of the invasion. Sergeant Ivanov battles on in the belief that if anyone could have survived the Tyranid onslaught, it would be her daughter. However, her daughter's Company was last stationed on Austral Prime - the conquered Australan homeworld; a world now teeming with alien life.

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