Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Shadow Hive

Aliens from the Shadow Hive have been seen lurking in the area...
Quick and easy paint job - codex grey, washed with badab black, and blazing orange eyes.


  1. Spooky how well it fits in with the scenery. I can imagine just seeing the two orange eyes =)

  2. that's it?? unless it is a chameleon alien I think it deserves equal time / colour to those nasty marines...

  3. I think the paint / ink wash of the model looks a bit better in real life than how it looks in the photos. I'm thinking of painting the claws black or in a metal paint, but mostly the idea is that I have lots of rubble scenery, and I'm basing aliens on rubble/rock, so they are camouflaged with the scenery pieces. I'd probably do more detail on elite or hero units.