Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sentinel searchlight, gluing infantry, cutting finger

I've planned my starting army - a company command squad, and two veteran infantry squads, and a sentinel. Then I'll build up from there. Today I painted a searchlight to put on the sentinel, and I've started gluing together five lasgun soldiers. The veteran squads will consist of sergeant, voxcaster, three special weapons, and five lasgun infantry. I decided to assemble the five lasgun guys all at once, and am almost done. I really like how poseable the plastic figures are - attaching the torsos at different angle to the legs makes a unique pose every time!
On another note - at some point working on the last figure, I cut my finger open with the hobby knife - nearly 1.5 cm long, but I don't think it was very deep. Still, I looked down a few minutes later, not knowing I had cut my index finger, and all down my finger, thumb and palm was covered in blood. Quite a shock! But it turned out to be not so bad after washing it off. Still, I usually grip things between index and thumb while working on them, so I'm hoping it will have healed up a bit by tomorrow, so I can hold these figures to paint them!

Watched by a Sentinel, Veteran Squad Alpha is getting bigger!

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  1. If you have old/spare unused colour paint pots I always blu-tac minis to them to hold more easily while painting. Might help with the finger.
    The sentinel really looks great, can't wait to see the troops painted!