Thursday, March 31, 2011

Australan Infiltrator Storm Trooper Sergeant

I bought some of the 'Kasrkin' figures - Cadian armour themed Imperial Guard Storm Troopers. Since there are 10 figures in a pack, and also got the additional special weapons, that's a total of twelve men. A default squad is one sergeant and four troopers, so I thought I'd set it up for having two separate squads, being a sergeant, three troopers and a trooper with a special weapon (five man squads) and being able to additionally add another special weapon man if desired for six man squads.

Storm Trooper Types:
The Storm Trooper details in the codex let you select from three different types of storm troopers: airborne, infiltration and scouts. I've decided to make an airborne 'elite forces' squad, and an infiltration squad. The airborne elite soldiers will be painted in standard Australan green and gold, but with all the extra armour and stuff, should look like a more heavily kitted out Australan soldier.

As there is only one 'standard' sergeant miniature in the kasrkin box, I'm customising one of the other kasrkin soldiers into a second sergeant. According to the rules in the codex, the sergeant can have a hot-shot lasgun as his main weapon, as well as pistol and normal close combat weapon, so that's what I'm going with him, even though the default sergeant miniature wields a power sword and pistol.

Customising Sergeant:
For my stealthy infiltrator sergeant, I cut the antennae off a backpack, and 'adjusted' a cloak piece from my cadian battleforce sprues, and glued on a holstered pistol as well, and cut off the metal slot-block beneath his feet so I could pose him stepping up on a rock.

Planned Colour Scheme:
I'm planning to paint the infiltrator's black, then to drybrush increasing grey from bottom to middle, up to white at the top, so the clothing/armour is a shaded gradient 'shadow'. The idea is that they are wearing 'Australan Stealth Armour' which shifts tonally to blend in with the surroundings and make it hard to spot them at a distance, so they can infiltrate ahead of main forces. I'll have to do a test paint job to see what this idea looks like before I try it on the whole squad.

cloak, holstered pistol, antennae off the backpack


  1. Great conversion! My only question is, what's his name =)

  2. At the moment, I'm just calling him "The Infiltrator". I haven't thought up stories for the two storm trooper squads yet :)

  3. lol, how about Spaaaacccee Ghooosstt

  4. I hadn't heard of space ghost, but must now confess to watching numerous youtube clips this morning... for educational research of course...