Friday, March 4, 2011

hirst arts space hulk tiles

Based in the 40k universe, there was Space Hulk (Space Marines and Tyranid Genestealers battling in tight corridors and small rooms in a space wreck), and Space Crusade (a simpler version of Hulk, but with rules available for almost every faction to play battles in it). The original board games were around many years ago, though a limited 3rd edition of Space Hulk with new tiles and miniatures sclupts was released (last year I think).

I always loved the idea of the game - map tiles that could be arranged in countless ways to generate interiors of the 'space hulks' ruins, and blip counters that marked possible locations of enemies - that entered the board and moved toward your men all the time, their true identity only revealed when you had line of sight to their location, spawning monsters to battle.

Well, while collecting imperials (and some tyranids) I stumbled upon Space Hulk again, and discovered that Hirst Arts - who make sculpted 3d scenery and map tile pieces - have a collection of Space Hulk stuff! You can actually recreated the scenery of the board game in 3D using their things. Anyway, here's a picture from their website showing some simply painted tiles.

I don't go much for the yellow/grey paint scheme they did, but there's examples around their site, and on the net, of other more interesting and more complex paint schemes. For example, painting the fans in the walls in metal, washing the tiles and drybrush highlighting them, etc. There's a good charcoal walls and blue-tinted metal floors I saw somewhere, but lost the link.

I'm extremely tempted to buy the "Space Hulk Basic Set" and the "Space Hulk Advanced Box Set" 3d tile pieces - as you can buy them pre-cast, ready to glue together and paint, from this site:

And this page shows all the pieces you get, if you scroll down around a fifth / quarter of the way:

I have no idea what the postage would be for something like that, shipping out to Australia, but I've sent an enquiry off to find out. If it's not too expensive, it could be something for me to save up for. At the moment, I have some printed paper tiles that I lay out on my table - but an actual 3D, painted up tile set, would be absolutely spectacular to play around with. And the low wall-sections around the outside of each room/passage tile, allow bigger miniatures to be put on the board without colliding with full-sized walls - the short wall segments are also designed to be level at a fixed height, so that all the rooms and corridors can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage!

I don't think I'd paint it with bright coloured lights, I'd probably go black-washed metal floors with mithril (very white metal) drybrushed lighting, for a more natural lighting look, and dark metal 'walls' with coloured lights and computer panels painted in where they are moulded into the pieces, and silver metal fans. Perhaps coloured cables/pipes (dark red or dark blue) for some colour.

Anyway, it's something to look at and dream of getting!

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  1. Very cool. Have you looked at the paper terrain stuff from Worldworks Games? They have something, you could use for this:

    Always like to read your several blogs and the battle reports of your brother. Keep on going. :-)