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Austral Remnant Profile: 5th Company Command Squad

Austral Prime: a feudal world situated in a planet-rich star system along the outward edges of the Mordant Zone, in the Ultima Segmentum region of the galaxy.

The Australan Guards were an elite fighting force of Imperial Guardsmen employed in numerous fronts during wars against chaos and alien incursions. They are known for their bravery in attacks upon local Ork held worlds in the Mordant Zone, and for fighting against Hivefleet Leviathan and Hivefleet Behemoth.

Four years ago during a lull in sector activity, only one regiment was currently on active duty: the 2nd Austral Regiment, who were participating in the defence of San Leor from an Ork invasion.

An unknown Tyranid Hive descended upon the Austral system without warning. The world was overrun - the cities sundered, entire populations destroyed. The armies fought to the last.

Now the 2nd Austral Guards are the last of their kind. They are now known as the Remnant. Their cause: to liberate and restore the Austral System, and prevent the Tyranids from conquering the other worlds orbiting that star – and more importantly to the Imperium – to keep the Tyranids from pushing further into the Mordant Zone. Their homeworld is lost, but there are people still alive elsewhere in the system, people that might yet be saved.

Thousands of space stations, mining colonies, and minor settlements are scattered throughout the star system on asteroids, moons and minor worlds. With Tyranid forces spreading like a plague, fleeing the star system is not a choice available for some. The only hope of many survivors is that someone comes to their aid and rescues them from destruction.

On learning the fate of their homeworld, the Remnants have returned to Austral to fight the Tyranids and save anyone they can.

And they are not alone.

Other imperial regiments and Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes are coming to join them in their personal crusade to purify and liberate Austral… and it seems that other eyes have been watching the region. Orks from the nearby systems conduct raids into the Austral system, to loot and plunder amid the chaos of the Tyranid invasion. And there are rumors of Tau and Eldar sightings among the ranks. But are they allies, come to protect the galaxy from the threat of a new Hive, or do they have other more sinister and alien intentions?

Only time will tell…

The Austral Remnants
Mainly an infantry regiment, supported by sentinel forces and transport units, other remnants of the Australan Guards have also been found during the return to the Austral system. Small teams of specialist forces or heavy armour have joined them as a combined forces task force. The survivors that make up this combined forces regiment consist of eleven companies. The infantry companies are divided into two to five platoons, each ranging from two to five ten man squads and a platoon command squad.

General Kirill Davidenko
An aging warrior of Austral who ascended through the ranks in numerous campaigns. He bears the scars of countless battles, and the left half of his body is seared by the acidic blood of a Tyranid Genestealer Broodlord that he defeated in personal combat as a young soldier. General Davidenko is known as a hard taskmaster and ruthless toward his enemies. However, he has grown more cautious in his tactics in recent times, now that there is only one regiment of Australans remaining – with no hope for reinforcements… not unless the Austral System can be liberated, and new generations of Australans established. It is with that hope that he seeks to rescue as many civilians as he can from the remaining settlements orbiting the star.

The Lucky 5th Company: 5th Company Command
The other companies have nicknamed them the Lucky 5th, because somehow they manage to get out of horrendous situations time and time again.

Colonel Sergei Ivanski 
The youngest Company Commander, Colonel Ivanski, leads 5th Company. Ivanski is known as a bit of a risk taker, and has a tendency to ‘interpret’ his orders such that he can get around red tape and bureaucracy issues and act in the ‘Imperium’s best interest’. While such attitudes are frowned upon in the Imperium, and he is frequently reprimanded for his free-thinking actions, General Davidenko knows that if he throws Ivanski and his men into the heart of danger, they’ll find a way to turn the tide and bring victory to the Guards... and if Ivanski’s tactics don’t work out one day, the General will remain free from blame. It was through one of his 'inspired' tactical actions while fighting Tyranids that Ivanski lost his left arm. Surviving the battle, the General saw to it that he was granted the gift of a cybernetic replacement arm and a power sword to go with it. 
Major “Lucky” Komorov
Lucky, as his friends call him, is the grizzled older veteran and heavy weapons specialist of 5th Command, and one of the first soldiers to ever be assigned to 5th Company when it was formed decades ago, and the only member of the original command squad. While others have died, or moved on up through the ranks, his reckless behaviour and unsavoury personality have denied him promotion time and time again. He is something of a mascot for the company – a real soldier’s soldier. After taking numerous shots to the head, and never being killed, he has given up wearing helmets and laughs in the face of danger. Time and time again, enemy fire will sear across his face – but every time, it’s nothing but a scratch. Of course, the way Lucky’s tales of his wounds changes with every telling can lead to the notion that Lucky might be embellishing his military exploits just a bit, but hearing how he was personally able to defeat Hive Tyrants and Ork Warbosses is sure to give any young guardsman confidence in a battle to come.

Lieutenant “Stitch” Olevsky
5th Command’s medical officer, Stitch sees to the needs of the command squad, doing his best to keep them - and through them, 5th Company - in action.
Major “Grumpy” Potemkin
Another older veteran who has been around almost as long as Lucky. Once one of the General’s staff, he was ‘demoted’ to act as Voxcaster for 5th Command, when 5th Command’s voxcaster was killed in action. The men call him Grumpy – but never to his face, as he is not pleased to be back ‘among the men’ again. General Davidenko actually placed Grumpy in the command squad to spy on them, so he could keep apprised of the quick-thinking Colonel Ivanksi’s plans during the chaos of battle, and try to point the young colonel in the ‘right direction’. Everyone knows that is why Grumpy was assigned to them, but they like to pretend and emphasise their treatment of him as ‘just another of the guys’ – much to his displeasure. 
Lieutenant Revnik
Revnik is a brave young veteran of numerous battles, but while enthusiastic about defeating the enemies of the Imperium, his aim was terrible. After being passed around a couple of squads, the Colonel came up with an inspired solution – and made him the banner bearer of 5th Command. Now he wades into battle with them, waving the regimental standard of the Austral Remnant to inspire the hearts and souls of the troops, and to show them that their commanders are there with them.


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