Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3D Space Hulk style map development part 4

Had a little shopping spree, and I've now got all the materials I need to cast my map pieces :)

- the molds
- Hydrostone Plaster (big bag not shown in picture)
the core materials needed.

- 'Finish' liquid rinse aid
- Fine Mist spraying bottle
Put water and a little bit of rinse aid in bottle. Mist it over the molds to coat them. Use finger or cotton bud to softly get rid of visible air bubbles first time you cast. After that, repeated casts (on that day) just mist over with the spray before pouring in the plaster.

- Chopping board
- Sponges to glue bits of underneath chopping board.
When pouring plaster into moulds, sit mould on chopping board, and lightly hammer with fist on side of board, to make it vibrate, which helps get rid of air bubbles and make the pieces and their details come out nice.

- Measuring cups
- large sandwich bags
- Plastic cups
- Plastic Spoons
Before casting, measure the right amount of plaster into sandwich bags, so its ready to just pour into a cup when you want to mix it up. Measure the right amount of water and plaster into a cup, stir it slowly to avoid making bubbles. If it bubbles up on the surface, very lightly sprinkle surface with dry plaster, then slowly stir the top of the cup.

- thick Plastic garbage bags
To put across the table, so I don't make a mess!

- 10cm wide spatula
- paper towelling
- 60 minute cooking timer

After pouring into the mold, time for 6 minutes, then lay sheet of paper towelling on top of mould to soak water off the top of the plaster, then holding the spatula at a 45 degree angle, carefully scrape the top of the mold to remove excess plaster from the pieces. Wipe the spatula off on the paper towelling.

After another 18 minutes, you can carefully remove the pieces from the mold. Leave them to dry solid! Then glue, paint, and have fun!

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