Saturday, March 19, 2011

3D Space Hulk style map development part 8b

I was browsing other people's sci fi maps, and saw some nice rusty floor effects, so I tried it out on my test floor piece. Now I have to decide, do I want an aged, rusted metal floor look, or do I want a shiny clean metal floor look? I quite like the texture of it, and it's still got a shiny reflectiveness about it from the metal... I got the rustiness by very, very lightly drybrushing streaks of blazing orange onto the metal, so it doesn't come out as a strong orange colour, and the metal shows through it.

I also found one of the wall pieces I cast a the day before yesterday, and it looked pretty dry too, so I tested a wall paint scheme I had in mind - which was to basecoat in goblin green, wash with devlin mud, then drybrush parts softly in mithril metal.

and this is what they look like next to each other (though there will actually be a buffer of pipes and machinery between them) In real life, the rust colour looks darker and browner than it does in this photo, so it's not as orange as this photo looks.

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