Friday, March 18, 2011

3D Space Hulk style map development part 7

Lots of tiles cast today! Here's some pics, as I've been laying tiles out to see what they might look like assembled, with an L-shape corridor section. I now have all the pieces needed to complete the L section, and most of one of the rooms as well. This pic shows how I might start gluing things together to make a section (the paper printed underlay still showing as I work out where things go). The twin-doors won't be glued onto the board, but will be free-standing.

The walls are not full-real-life-height next to the men, more like a half representation of actual walls. The doors are a proper height though, making them easy to see. I'm only doing the walls at this height though, so that the figures can always be seen.

The passages seem fine for Sentinel sized pieces as well!


  1. That's looking great!
    I think the half height walls are a really good idea, easier to get your hands in, easier to see what's happening, easier to take photos - just easier all round!
    When you finish a room, can you put your squad into it for scale, to see how crowded a room is?
    Looks so good that you could play on it unpainted I reckon!

  2. So how many kilograms of your plaster have you used so far =) (Tari asks. She thinks it looks great too!)

  3. Yes, I'm liking the clean white 70's sci-fi look to the plaster as well! I think I've used around 2 kg so far, and have made enough tiles for one L shape corridor, some parts of a 4x2 corridor, the floor for a room, and lots of odds and ends. Every time you cast a mold, you get lots of pieces - but you have to do it repeatedly to get lots of one kind of piece to build something with (like a floor tile). Luckily I worked out how to cast two or three molds at the same time, so that speeds it up a bit.