Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3D Space Hulk style map development part 3

I've cut out 3 foam board sections now, and I taped an image of the floor onto them. Here's a pic showing three sections, and how they can sit up against each other to form areas of the map.

And then I cut out some cardboard lengths, to see what it might look like once the walls are built. I wanted to test the height of the walls, because I was not convinced that 1.5 inches was tall enough for the walls (after all, the mini's themselves are only 1.5 inches tall). However, it does look like it is a good height. To make it more like 'real life' I tried double that height, so that the roof would be above the sentinel, but then the walls were too high, and if a figure was beside them, you couldn't see them if you were looking from the other side of the wall. So, 1.5 inches looks like a good height to make the walls, to both give it some depth, but also still be able to see figures from any side of the table.

figures in squares next to the wall:

figures still visible when looking from other side of table:

and lastly, I invented my own "wandering monster dice". They are basically a compass direction die (a die with N, S, E, W on it) plus two new faces: a blue side, which means the monster 'rests' for a second, staying in its current square for the turn, and a red face which means the monster 'wanders' straight towards the nearest person on the board. When rolling a direction (N, S, E, W) it means that the monster will head in that direction from their current Junction location (a room, a T intersection, etc) if there is an exit in that direction. If there is not an exit in that direction, roll again. The idea is that in a corridor, the 'unidentified blip' wanders along the corridor until it reaches a junction. Once in a junction location, it will roll the wandering monster die, and either head in the direction rolled, or perform the action rolled (wait, or head for nearest person).

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