Saturday, March 19, 2011

3D sci fi map part 8c: Final Colour Scheme

I've picked how I want it to look. I decided that the rust was too much colour for the flooring, so I've applied a few stains in places with Devlin Mud wash on top of mithril metal to add a bit of wear to the floor. I definitely want greenish walls, so I've ended up going with blazing orange for the power cables that run along the sides of the walls in places, and the walls and machinery are goblin green, washed with devlin mud, and drybrushed in parts with mithril metal. I might use bright whites, yellows, blues, etc, to add lights/illuminated buttons to some of the machinery panels here and there, but I'll have to try that out on some pieces to see what that looks like. I quite like the orange power cables :)


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  2. They look great in colour! My only suggestion would be to not use Mithral for your metal, it seems way too bright and shiny. Maybe mix it a little with black or use Boltgun or even Chainmail?
    Your walls will be as shiny as the sharpest weapons!
    Love the green and orange, really good contrasty colours that will help the miniatures "pop" too!

    EDIT: Of course, even better, if you still want it to look super ultra shiny, would be to use boltgun or chainmail and then just edge the pieces in mithril =) Easy to do on corners too, you just hold the brush at a 45 degree angle and run it along!