Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3d sci fi map part 10: lots of casting!

What a day! I decided that since the casting is messy, and I have to wear a filtered breathing mask to avoid breathing in the hydrostone dust, and goggles to avoid damaging my eyes from the hydrostone dust, and all the mixing, and pouring, and waiting, and scraping, and waiting, and demoulding, and starting over... I'll do it maybe once a week. So, I spent the whole day and yesterday evening casting pieces, so that in a three or four days time, I can make a corridor section, and a room section. I definitely enjoy the assembling and painting part of this more than the manufacturing part, but seeing pieces finished makes it worth it.

Anyway, here's the mammoth set of pieces I cast! Now I just have to wait for them to dry. After making the corridor and room, I should have a couple pieces left over too, so less casting required next time :)


  1. Wow, what a lot of work! Be good to have to wait a few days just to get a rest before the construction begins!
    Will you finish your guardsmen over the next while or paint some more tyranids?

  2. I should probably finish off the veteran squad. I might do some of the crates and barrels I cast last week as well.

  3. hopefully you have a fan blowing over these. I found leaving hydrostone on plastic takes longer to dry.
    After overnight I place mine on some old sheeting/ towels to help the drying. (I now have a dehydrator, best thing out)


  4. Hi! I bought a food dehydrator earlier this week, after reading about them on the Hirst Arts forums. I haven't done any new castings to try it out on yet, but I'm hoping it will speed things up a bit - as my last lot took over a week to dry out.