Thursday, February 24, 2011

Step by Step Imperial Guard: Voxcaster

Hi guys! I've started yet another miniatures gaming blog. This time, it's Warhammer 40k. I'm collecting Imperial Guards: Cadians, and also some tyranid monsters for them to fight against. My brother is collecting the Space Wolves. Once we've got some guys glued together there's sure to be some more battle reports. Anyway, this blog is to chronicle my painting and collecting of 40k stuff. I'm beginning with the Cadian Imperial Guard miniatures, but I'm calling my forces the Austrans (from the planet Austral) with the main colours of green and gold. (I'm an Australian, so I'm kind of stealing my national colours here). Important figures, such as Company Commanders, Master of Ordinance, and so forth, will have a black and gold uniform.

So, to begin with, I've painted my first figure, and here's some of the steps. It's a voxcaster (communications officer) for a squad of infantry.

To begin with, I coated it in Chaos Black. Then I painted the metal armour in Shining Gold, the skin in Tallarn Flesh, and the clothing in Catachan Green. I left the boots black.

Next I painted the backpack and gun in Mithril (the brightest metal). I always use that metal, because I apply citedal washes to my figures, and they can really darken colours, so it won't be so bright at the end.
I then painted the skull/wings insignia in bleached bone
I then liberally washed the whole figure in Badab Black citedal wash. Occassionally I dabbed at pools of black with a dry brush to sponge up the excess wash, trying to keep the figure clean looking, with the wash settling into the detail areas.
I then waited until the wash had dried. You MUST wait for it to completely dry, otherwise when you add paint to the model, it will bleed off in different directions and ruin the model, because of the water.

When it had dried, I did highlighting: I applied the same colours as I used to the raised surfaces, being sure not to paint over the top of areas that the wash brought detail to. So, for the face, I carefully applied tallarn flesh to the bridge of the nose, and to the cheeks on either side. I painted gold back onto the armour - but on the top and edges, keeping the other parts of it shaded by the wash. Similarly, I brushed some Mithril back onto the metal, on edges or raised surfaces, to highlight them. I also got the green and painted the raised surfaces of the clothing - the raised cloth parts of folds for example, to highlight them, while keeping the recesses of the folds dark from the wash. Lastly, I painted the base codex grey, which is fine for the moment. I will do a proper base at some other time, as basing my figures is a whole other project. Oh, and I also painted the helmet light, and the end of the laser gun in blazing orange. I was a little lazy when doing the orange - the model was not completely dry yet, and as such, instead of a round dot of orange on the helmet, the paint bled a bit and became an oblong smear. However, luckily, it's only noticeable if you look up real close or at zoomed in photos.

I also painted the eyes. I'm always very nervous about eyes, and they don't turn out how I want very often. I paint a horizontal dab of paint in white, or some other pale colour (bone, tan, etc) then a small dot or vertical blob of black in the middle. In this case, one eye was great, the other eye's pupil was low and at a slightly different angle. However, it's not all that noticeable so it's good enough for me :)

Lastly, to finish it off, I repainted the skull/wing bits in mithril, because I didn't like how the bone paint looked, and I added more highlights of mithril to raised surfaces on the weapon and backpack.

Here it is finished!

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  1. That came up looking really great! Can't wait to see squads of them =)
    Squads of them DYING in front of my awesome Space Wolves, that is!
    Great paint job, relatively straightforward and very effective.