Monday, February 28, 2011

Imperial Guard Sentinel

The last couple days I've worked on a Sentinel - and here it is! I've attached things like weapons, sensor pod, etc, with magnets, so that I can make use of all the weapons in the box - swapping equipment depending on the game! So, I'm still painting the other weapons, and the searchlight, but they'll all be able to attach to it using magnets, so I can set up any loadout! Here it is with a lascannon and the sensors on the roof.

I haven't done a vehicle before, so I was a bit uncertain how it would turn out. I wanted to keep the green and gold theme of my army. To paint it, I undercoated in Dark Angel Green, I heavily drybrushed in catachan green, then I medium drybrushed in desert yellow, then I drybrushed areas in mithril, then washed it all in badab black, then touched up some areas in mithril and in shining gold.

1 comment:

  1. That looks great! Love the blue lens bit. Quite tall too, aren't they - good for line of sight I'm guessing =)
    The magnet idea is good too - especially if you end up with squads of them.