Thursday, February 24, 2011

Imperial Guard: custom Master of Ordnance

I read in some forums where people customised their Command Squad figures, from the Cadian battleforce box set, and I ended up doing it too! Instead of buying the Master of Ordnance, I made my own one, using some of the command squad pieces. First, I got a pair of legs, then the voxcaster backpack, then the voxcaster raised right arm. Then I attached the baton-cradling left arm which is an option for the commanding officer, and also grabbed one of the scarred, helmetless heads, to set the figure apart from the soldiers of my army. I glued a holstered pistol to his right hip, and lastly, to set him apart, I painted his uniform in black and gold, instead of the grunt colors of green and gold. Anyway, here's how he turned out! I quite like the baton, makes him look very official. (He's the guy on the left.)

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