Friday, February 25, 2011

Imperial Guard: Assembling a Cadian flamethrower

Well, today I made a flamethrower soldier. The instructions that come with the cadian box set leave a lot to be desired - there is a simple illustration on the side of the box, which has a picture of the pieces, and lines to the torso - in other words, get these pieces, and glue them. That's all. However, the flamethrower figure is designed to be attached together in a specific way - some parts slot into other parts, so I thought I'd show an assembly step-by-step, then the painted figure.

To start with, grab the pieces you need - the backpack tanks, the flamethrower, a head, a torso, a pair of legs, and one of the extended arms with a grip clutched in the fist.

Glue the legs and torso onto a base.

Next, glue the tanks on his back. Take note of the small pipe-tap bit jutting out on one side. There is a hole in it.

Next, glue on the flamethrower arm - there is a pipe sticking out the rear of this model piece - you want to glue it to the tap hole on the backpack, and align the shoulder with the torso, to glue it in the correct position.

Next you glue the other arm on. The grip clutched in his fist slots into a hole on the flamethrower, just like the pipe and the tap did. You want to glue the grip into that hole, and align the shoulder with the torso, for this arm to be correct.

Then you can glue a head on, and the model is assembled!

I painted this one up in my paint scheme for this army - green and gold, and I used Scab Red (which I use on all my Haradrim in Lord of the Rings) to paint parts of the flamethrower, and the tanks on his back! I've also started using desert yellow (an olivish yellow) to outline the jacket beneath the armour, and the pockets on the pants, of the soldiers, so those details are more visible now.


  1. That came out really well! This army is going to look fantastic when it's all finished. The face is particularly impressive, I think one of the best faces yet!

  2. Thanks! I've been finding it hard doing 'dots' in the middle of the eyes, so this time, the pupils of the eye were actually a vertical black line. Then, when the paint dried, I painted the cheeks below the eyes, and the pink above the eyes, covering up any black mess, and making it look like a pair of eyes!