Thursday, February 24, 2011

basing imperial guards

Okay, so I thought I'd try out basing a figure, and work out a terrain scheme that goes with the three terrain sets I currently play on, being rocky wasteland, snowy plains, and grassy forests. I made a brown/grey colour from scorched brown drybrushed with codex grey, around the ring of the base. Then onto the codex grey flat of the base, I used white glue to attach small slate gravel from the 'warhammer 40k basing kit'. Then I glued some patches of grass. Then I dabbed devlin mud wash onto the gravel and around the edges of the grass. Then I highlighted some of the gravel pieces with codex grey. The idea was not to make a terrain base for a specific style of terrain, but to find something that looks okay for playing with, for all three. I think it would go good in urban ruin settings too. Anyway, I'm happy enough with how it turned out.

On grass terrain, I think it looks okay, as the grey ties in with most of my scenery objects (hills, ruins, etc) that are a grey rocky colour, and the patches of grass on the base help to tie it in with the green of the citedal battlemat. The hint of brown helps the grey to sit easily with the green grass, where a solid grey might stand out more against it.
The grey goes okay with snowy terrain. The grass is only small patches, so I don't think it overpowers the figure base, and the grey ties in with the grey stones and gravel that is embedded in the surface of my snow board.
The grey goes nicely with rocky hills (and should go nicely with my brother's rocky wasteland Realm of Battle board)

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